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Note. I e-mailed Mrs. Ann Babiniwitz >from my friends comp the other
day that why there was not much info there.
My Zadie ,Mr. Murray Lieberman was born here. His father Jacob H.
Liebman (Yaacov Tzvi) was born in Kobrin, (presently)Belarus. He had/s
two cousins living in South Africa at one point. I don't know there
connection to my Zadie put do think it is >from his father's side.
My Bubbie said the last address they have for them is Ester & Solly
Merowitz 67 3rd St. Spings, Transvall SA and the other cousin Ada &
Jacob Pimstein 202 Railway St.Germiston, Transvall SA.
These cousins came to my B+Z weeding around 1948., They might not
be in South Africa anymore or passed away??? Put maybe there is way that
I can found out the last time they lived there... Someone has to no who>
they are.????

Dr Saul Issroff

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