Re: RUBENS & CAHN in Johannesburg #southafrica

Louis Zetler <zetler@...>

I was the chairman of the Etz Chayim Hebrew Congregation in Berea,
Johannesburg for a few years. This congregation was established and
consisted mainly of German Jews and their descendents who arrived in South
Africa on a ship, the name of which escapes me at present, about 1938. Most
of the surnames mentioned in Shmuel's letter are familiar to me, but not the
individuals, as I went to Johannesburg only in 1976.

There was a Cahn family that I knew personally. The old generation have all
since passed on.
There was an elderly man Falk who probably passed away during the 80's who
was a member of the congregation. There is still an Advocate Rubens who
practices as such in Johannesburg, but I do not know if he is related.

If you can make contact with Gunter Sampson you may be able to get some
valuable info >from him. He was one of those that came on the ship that I
referred to above.

Louis Zetler
Hoshaya, Israel

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