STERN/STARR family of Heppenheim, Hesse, Germany>South Africa? #southafrica


Hi, I have just joined the South Africa list in the hope of breaking down
a "brick wall" with my STERN/STARR family >from Heppenheim an der
Bergstrasse, Hesse-Darmstadt, Germany.

I know some families >from Heppenheim emigrated to South Africa. I have
traced some of my STERN/STARR family in Portsmouth, Scioto County, Ohio,
USA but have drawn a complete blank on others. So nothing ventured, nothing
gained ...

My own website is at

I am looking for descendants of Gottfried STERN (1784-1838 Heppenheim an der
Bergstrasse, Hesse-Darmstadt, Germany) and Nannchen HOCHSCHILD (1787 Gross
Rohrheim, Hesse-1857 Heppenheim) had seven children:

1) Salomon STERN (1810-1880 Heppenheim) married Jette or Henriette MAIERFELD
or MAYERFELD or MEYERFELD or MEIERFELD (1813 Biebesheim, Kreis Gross Gerau,
Hesse-1886 Heppenheim). No children of this marriage are known.

2) Feist STERN (1812-1889 Heppenheim) married:

i) Jette WEIS (1812 or 15 Mainz Hechtsheim-1849 Heppenheim)
Eva STERN (born March 7 1845 Heppenheim-?) married ?Solomon MELA.
Jette STERN (born June 17 1849 Heppenheim-?)

ii) Jeanette MAIERFELD or MAYERFELD or MEYERFELD (born 1823 Biebesheim,
Hesse died 1878 Heppenheim).
Moses STERN (STARR) (born 31 October 1850 Heppenheim-1880
Carthage, Smith County, Tenessee)
Abraham STERN (born July 5 1853 Heppenheim-1875 Portsmouth, Ohio)
Mina STERN (born July 11 1855 Heppenheim-1930 Massenheim, now
Hochheim am Main, Hesse, Germany) married Moses SCHWARZSCHILD
Massenheim-1921 Massenheim). Some SCHWARZSCHILD descendants are
are in South Africa.
Malchen STERN (born June 7 1857 Heppenheim-?)
Anna STERN (born April 18 1859 Heppenheim-?)
Rosa STERN (born November 29 1860 -April 16 1936 Heppenheim)
Joseph FRANK (1866 Bad Koenig in Odenwald-1933 Heppenheim). Traced.
Leopold STERN (November 2 1863 Heppenheim-July 1901 North
married Hedwig HERZ. My family. Germany>England 1942.

3) Mendel STERN (March 27 1815 Heppenheim-?)

4) Heimann STERN (later Henry STARR) 1817 Heppenheim-1900 Zanesville,
Muskingum County) married Yetta ROSENFELD (1815 Schriesheim, Baden
Wuerttemberg, Germany-1879 Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky)
Line traced (lived in Louisville and Portsmouth and then Zanesville, Ohio).

4) Mameth STERN (January 25 1820 Heppenheim-?)

5) Guthal STERN (April 22 1823 Heppenheim-?). Possibly Auguste STERN who
married Koppel DAVID, a butcher >from Reichelsheim. Descendants include
MICHEL family. Traced.

6) Hindle or Hannah STERN (April 7 1825 Heppenheim-1891) married
butcher Louis LEVI (1819 Niederseebach, Alsace, France-1870 Portsmouth).

Alice Josephs
Researching STERN/STARR family of Heppenheim an der Bergstrasse,
Hesse (settled in Louisville, Kentucky and Portsmouth, Ohio, USA), HERZ
family >from Kochendorf, now Bad Friedrichshall, Baden Wuerttemberg,
Germany (settled in New York City) and MAY family >from New York City.
Also looking for LEVI family (France>Louisville, Kentucky>Portsmouth,
Ohio), ATLAS and DAVIS families of Portsmouth, Ohio, SCHWARZSCHILD
family (Hochheim am Main, Hesse, Germany), HOCHSCHILD family
(Gross-Rohrheim, Hesse, Germany), MAIER-, MAYER-, MEIER or MEYERFELD
family of Biebesheim, Gross Gerau, Hesse, GRUMBACH (Germany>New York
City, USA), DEUTSCH (Germany>New York City, USA), OPPENHEIMER (Stuttgart>
New York City, USA), KAUFMANN New York City, DON and JOSEPHS family
from London, England, MARKUS >from Hainchen, Kreis Buedingen, Hesse and GRUEN
(GREEN) family >from Roedelheim, Frankfurt am Main, Hesse, OPPENHEIMER >from
Biebesheim, Kreis Gross-Gerau, Hesse.

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