searching for FALK GINSBURG CAHN HEYMANN in south africa , Johannesburg #southafrica

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Hallo members of the South African SIG

My name is Shmuel Rubens , >from Israel , living currently i Germany
I am looking for relatives , the decendennts of a cousin of my father with the
name FALK and Ginsburg.
they were born in Johannesburg SA.
I have found their names with the wonderful help of Anne Lapedus Brest ( really
thank you Anne !!)
who took also a picture of their Mothers Grave.
the Relatives I am talking about are :
1. Walter FALK ( must be born 1910 - 1930 )
2. Erich FALK
3. Irma GINSBURG ( born Falk )
their parents where Martha Falk ( nee Rubens ) died 1946
and Isidor FALK , died 1957

I have found in the site of the national archive of SA some remarks on walter s
requesting to open a buisness in Pietermaritzburg ( 1937)
and a death notice of FALK walter gerhald ( 1958)
no idea if they are related to this lames I am looking for

a person with the name Irma Ginsburg died in USA in 1970 ( found in SSDI)
but connection to "my" IRMA GINSBURG is unknown

telephone quest in Johannesburg with local "FALKS" and GINSBURGS" did not
in finding new information.

I am also looking for traces of erna HEYMANN ( born CAHN , 1909 ) from
her husband erich HEYMANN >from wiesbaden Germany died 1950 . she married after
it two times
no names of the husbands are known. must have died in the sixties .
notice of ERICH HEYMANN death were found in the NASA site ( national archive of
south africa ..)

I will be glad to get any suggestions , recommendations ( and help ) .

Best regard and happy research
Shmuel Rubens

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