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What WONDERFUL news that we now have the Danzig surname adoption list up on
line. My thanks to Logan Kleinwaks and to Peter Lustig. It could not have
been an easy task.

My own ancestor is number 355: Israel Salomon LEBUNG (spelled in later
documents as LEBURG or LOEBURG). He was my great, great grandfather. He
named a son of his later years Salomon as well, so I am assuming that he was
Israel, son of Salomon.

I had always assumed that I could connect him (as a brother) to other
listings of men who had a second name as Salomon, however, I found 20 men
who fall into this category, including:

Peisach Salomon COHN
Abraham Salomon GOLDSCHMIDT
Baer Salomon GOLDSTINE
Hirsch Salomon GOTTHILF
Joel Salomon GOLDSTEIN
Aaron Simon Salomon HIRSCH
Jacob Salomon JACOBI............

So I guess that does not work.

I also thought that I could find his father as someone who had the first
name of Salomon, however I found 14 who fall into this category, including:

Salomon Leyser AUERBACK
Salomon Marcus BADEN
Salomon Jacob COHN
Salomon Leyser HIRSCHFIELD
Salomon Michael LOEWENBERG
Salomon Wulff LEWITZ......

Including two named Salomon with NO second name:

171 Salomon FISCHEL

And one named Samuel who took the surname SALOMON

So, I wonder how likely would it be that the father of Israel Salomon was:

81 Salomon Israel BENDIX ?

Or would number 81 be related to:

26 Lewin BENDIX
240 Joseph Bendix HIRSCH
375 Bendix Moses LOEWENSTEIN ???

Have any of our members been able to find familial connections using this
I would appreciate any thoughts on this subject.

With best wishes for a happy Mother's Day for all of you who fall into this

Barbara Algaze
Los Angeles, California

I am pleased to announce that the list of surnames adopted by Jewish
citizens in Danzig in 1814, when Prussia reoccupied the city, is now online
in the Articles section of our SIG website www.jewishgen.org/danzig.
Judging >from your JewishGen Family Finder entries, many of you can find
surnames you are researching on this list.

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