Searching for Syke (Shyke) Lubelski #southafrica

stephen lubell

I am repeating this call for anyone who might know of the above individual
or his descendants.

His name was Syke (also spelled Shyke) LUBELSKI and was born in Leeds in
England probably about 1890. It is also possible that he was called Julius
or Joshua on official documents. He emigrated to South Africa sometime after
1910 or even after WWI. Family rumour has it that he changed his surname to
BELL, had a son named Daniel and that he ran a furniture store.

More than that I do not know except that he was probably alive in 1941. I do
not know where he lived in South Africa.

Any leads would be greatly appreciated.

With my thanks in advance!

Stephen Lubell
Ma'ale Habanim 6/1
Ramat Gan 52381 Israel
Email: slubell@...

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