Re: safrica digest: April 18, 2001 #southafrica


In answer to Scott Noar's question below: the Family History Library of the
LDS Church has a great deal of South African records, although obviously not
all. Scott may start his search by looking at the FHL catalog on line at <A
HREF=""></A> or by
visiting a FHL branch in your city. Click on "search places" and enter
Transvaal, and you will come up with a long list of entries. Amongst them are
death indexes which will lead you to film numbers that you can order. It may
take some time and some trial and error but I have been able to find the
South African death notices and estate documents of my great grandfather on
FHL films without leaaving town. (Be patient, though. Good luck!)
Harry Glauber, Portland, OR

<< I am writing >from the US and have no idea how to find info in SA.
Any help would be appreciated.
I am looking for info on Elsie ENTWISLE (born NOAR) who died in 1961. I
found her record in the online search of SA archives. It says the info is
from (Public Records of former Transvaal Province and its predecessors as
well as of magistrates and local authorities)

Is there an death index or easy way to find info about Elsie? >>

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