Re: Searching for Syke (Shyke) Lubelski #southafrica

Brest Family <angi@...>

For Stephen Lubell

Are you SURE his First name was Daniel ? I know of a non-Jewish BELL
family in South Africa and i will find out if they had a furniture store.
I also know some LOBELS in South Africa. any relation to your Lubell name?

Anne LAPEDUS BREST. ( Ex Dublin, Ireland). Sandton, South Africa..
RESEARCHING: LAPEDUS, Vieksniai, Lithuania. LAPIDUS (all spellings) all
countries, MARCUS, Ackmene, Lithuania, KLAPMAN, Ackmene, Lithuania, KARLIN
Zagera, Lithuania, BREST, Bauska, Latvia. , MIRRELSON , Kourland, Latvia.
ORKIN Zagera, Lithuania. ORKIN Joniskis (Yaneshik) Lithuania. KAHN
Vieksniai , Lithuania. SHILLMAN, Odessa, Russia. NOVGOROD, Yaneshik
(Joniskis), Lithuania.

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