Extracts of Vital Records of Jewish entries from the Civil Registers for Tuchola and Sepolna Krajenskie #poland #danzig #gdansk #germany

Hadassah Lipsius <kesher@...>

The next update to the JRI-Poland database will include extracts of
Jewish entries >from the Civil Registrations for the former West Prussian
towns of Tuchel and Zempelburg (today Tuchola and Sepolno Krajenskie).
Tuchola is located at 53o35', 17o51' and Sepolno Krajenskie is located
at 53o27', 17o31'. The two towns are South West of Gdansk and North
of Bydgoszcz.

These entries were prepared by the JRI-Poland Shtetl CO-OP program under
the leadership of the Monica Leonards, Z"L. In the spirit of cooperative
research that is the hallmark of the JRI-Poland project, Monica, before
her untimely passing, worked quietly and diligently to prepare the entries
for these two Prussian towns. When she knew that her illness was terminal,
Monica made sure to complete the extractions and submitted the completed
the files for addition to our database. Monica expressed to me that
she did not want to waste all the work that she put into to creating the

Monica was selfless in her desire to share her work with other researchers
without fanfare and glory.

Monica's work is one example of projects undertaken by JRI-Poland
www.jri-poland.org since 1998 to index both the Jewish records and the
mixed Prussian civil records (Standesamt) LDS microfilm collection of the

JRI-Poland also has indexed records of Prussian towns not microfilmed by
the LDS found at the PSA Branch archives located in Poznan, Torun, Olsztyn
and Bydgoszcz.

May Monica Leonards' family be proud of her efforts and may her selflessness
be an example to all of us.

Hadassah Lipsius
Associate Director

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