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Logan J. Kleinwaks

Dear Danzig researchers,

Below are additional details about the Danzig files at the Central Archives
for the History of the Jewish People (CAHJP) for the indexing of which we
are raising funds. This represents only a small part of CAHJP's Danzig
collection, and will be our first foray into this apparently largely
untapped (by genealogists) resource.

Da/2056: Altschottland; cemetery register 1720(!)-1874; 232 pages; Hebrew
and German; must be microfilmed because of condition and age

Da/754: Altschottland; burial register 1838-1846; 10 pages in a large
format; German; can be xeroxed

Da/862: Langfuhr; lists members of Chevra Kadisha, minutes and accounts, and
maybe deaths 1765-1849; 50 pages; Hebrew; must be microfilmed

Da/286: Mattenbuden; birth register 1832-1846; 20 pages; German; must be

Da/305: Mattenbuden; memorbuch 1826-1883; 40 pages; Hebrew and German; can
be xeroxed

Da/1598: Weinberg; list of members 1817-1881; about 52 pages in a very large
format; German; can be xeroxed

Da/685: Breitgasse; memorbuch 1845-1903; about 10 pages; Hebrew; can be

Note that all five of the communities are represented in this first batch of
CAHJP files. This should help researchers determine to which of the
communities their relatives belonged.

Our fundraising target of $438 covers all of the expenses needed for us to
receive digitized copies of this material, which can be distributed by email
to SIG volunteers for indexing. This project cannot proceed unless it is
funded -
to contribute, please visit:

However, our complementary FHL microfilm indexing project does NOT
require any funding and has already begun. The more volunteer indexers we
have for that project, the quicker it will proceed. Further information
about both projects can be found in the Projects section of our SIG website.

Best regards,

Logan Kleinwaks
Coordinator, JewishGen Danzig/Gdansk SIG

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