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Cantor Katzin davened at the Sea Point Synagogue and led services there for
many years. He was, during his time, one of Cape Town's outstanding
chazzanim. As I remember, indeed with Riga beginnings and roots.

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Cantor Moisey Katzin did spell his name that way, although his brother
Katzen. However, unlike the Katzins to which the original enquiry
this Katzin/ Katzen family came >from Riga, and before that >from Dankere
(Glazmanka) in Courland.

Bramie Lenhoff

Richard Newman wrote:

There was the famous Cantor Katzin (I think the same spelling) whose
hter still lives in CTown. He has a marvelous matzevah at Pinelands 2
metery, an open book with some of his music, if my memory serves me

Rabbi Richard Newman
Joliet, Illinois

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