JewishGenMall 10% Discount Sale Extended #southafrica

Sandra and Donald Hirschhorn <donsandyh@...>

Since so many of you are still in "vacation mode" or preparing for the
holidays you might not have taken advantage of the 10% discount on
everything we offer in the JewishGenMall. We have extended the
cut off date to midnight in Houston on Sept. 20th...after the Jewish

We invite each and every JewishGenner to take advantage of the extra time
to browse the Mall seeking that special book or video you've been thinking
about purchasing. Visit by clicking on
"Search" at the bottom of the page and then typing in any category that
interests you such as Genealogy, Holocaust, Lithuania, New York, etc.,
etc. If you are not familiar with an online shopping environment, click on
the FAQ first and read up on how best to use the program.

On behalf of all of us who work behind the scenes here at JewishGen, a
Happy and Healthy New Year to all of you.

Sandy and Don Hirschhorn

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