Parow Synagogue #southafrica

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The Jewish Synagogue in Hopkins Street, Parow, which was donated to the
town by the Jewish community eight years ago (on condition that it be used
as a town museum), recently saw renovation work on its exterior.

A small amount of money was also recently paid, in order to take over the
property. There are plans to make the museum a satellite of the Cape Town

The interior of the synagogue needs extensive renovations.The ceiling and
the wooden floors will have to be replaced. The rest of the building,
erected in 1950, is in a good condition. The original architect was Alfred

It will cost approx. R350 000 to renovate the interior, and it will cost a
lot more to turn it into a museum.

When the Parow Town Council took over the building in 1994, it was
estimated that it would cost R1,4 million to turn it into a museum. Gawie
Fagan Architects were consulted at that time, but nothing was decided and
the council left the building to stand as was. The general public often
complained that the building was being mis-used because it was vacant.

The Schul across the street has been used as a museum since 1994,but it is
more of a storage room because it is too small to serve as a museum.=20

Parow Town Council tried, on a few occasions, to have the Synagogue
demolished to make way for the central business district development. Now,
Mrs. Louise ING, who serves as curator of the Parow Museum, has been
appointed by the Cape Town City Council as co-ordinating project manager
for cultural heritage for the city of Cape Town.

Anne Lehmkuhl

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