Abramson and Lewis #southafrica

shaul <shaul@...>

I am making this inquiry on behalf of a cousin. If it rings a bell with
anyone please contact me directly :

<<Looking for information on relatives of Helaine who settled in South Africa.
Her great aunt went to SA. about 1900 to 1925. Her maiden name was ABRAMSON
(or variant of this)
Prior to going to SA she went to England >from Russia and met and married a
They had four children - 3 girls who became teachers and a son who had a
Not sure but either this son or his son was involved in the hotel business
in Johannesburg. (if I'm not
mistaken it was a Lewis who founded the Holiday Inn franchise in s.a.)
Some grandchildren have become doctors and lawyers and some have emigrated.
Helaines late aunt Edith Elbaum visited them in SA about 35 years ago but
did not leave any information
on them when she died.>>

Saul Issroff

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