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Many of the descendants of Alexander WALT of Ukmerge
(Wilkomir), lived in South Africa. As did many of the
descendants of Benjamin Leib Walt also >from Wilkomir.
Whilst I know quite a lot about Alexander's
descendants, I know little about those of Benjamin.

One of Benjamin's sons was Abraham Jacob WALT (who had
an uncle known as Jekkel) who owned a hardware store
in Claremont, Cape, South Africa. As a young man
Abraham worked for Chuck JAWITZ who was married to
Celia WALT who is a descendant of Alexander WALT. Als
Abraham had a cousin Morris WALT.

Does anyone have any information which might in some
small way help me to establish whether a relationship
exists between Alexander WALT and Benjamin Leib WALT?

PROBLEM 2: The late Dr Alexander Walt (1923-1996) was
an eminent surgeon at Wayne State University. Does
anyone have any recollections or biograhical details
about this man (a descendant of Alexander WALT, see

PROBLEM 3: 'Sonny' WALT was a medical practitioner in
South Africa. He was also descended >from Alexander
WALT. What was his real name? Does anyone have any
recollections/bigraphical details about him?

PROBLEM 4: Thee was a firm called Walt&Gorfinkel in
Cape Town, South Africa. Does anyone know who was the
Walt in this name and also can anyone tell me anything
about the activities of this firm?

PROBLEM 5: Another harware store in Claremont: M. GENN
& Co. Was this owned by Meyer GENN who was married to
Lifsha WALT?

Any help on any of the above will be gratefully
received by me, Adam Yamey, London, UK<adamandlopa@yahoo.co.uk>

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