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Dear Adam,

Alexander WALT is related to my BERGMAN family.
Rosa BERGMAN married Harry WALT (born Wilkomer 1889, died Bloemfontein
They had three daughters: Miriam married to her cousin Sydney WALT, Elsa
married to Louis Shapiro, and Celia married to Chuckie JAWITZ.
Myriam, Elsa and Celia wrote the history of their family in 1987. Lifsha
WALT is mentioned as the daughter of Alexander WALT and Chasa PLUTZKY;
Lifsha died in Cape Town (1971).
I have a copy of the story which can be posted to you.
I have lost contact with the WALT sisters, can try to find their offspring
in Cape Town.

Await your reaction.

Dennis KAHN,

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Many of the descendants of Alexander WALT of Ukmerge
(Wilkomir), lived in South Africa. As did many of the
descendants of Benjamin Leib Walt also >from Wilkomir.
Whilst I know quite a lot about Alexander's
descendants, I know little about those of Benjamin.

One of Benjamin's sons was Abraham Jacob WALT (who had
an uncle known as Jekkel) who owned a hardware store
in Claremont, Cape, South Africa. As a young man
Abraham worked for Chuck JAWITZ who was married to
Celia WALT who is a descendant of Alexander WALT. Als
Abraham had a cousin Morris WALT.

Does anyone have any information which might in some
small way help me to establish whether a relationship
exists between Alexander WALT and Benjamin Leib WALT?

PROBLEM 2: The late Dr Alexander Walt (1923-1996) was
an eminent surgeon at Wayne State University. Does
anyone have any recollections or biograhical details
about this man (a descendant of Alexander WALT, see

PROBLEM 3: 'Sonny' WALT was a medical practitioner in
South Africa. He was also descended >from Alexander
WALT. What was his real name? Does anyone have any
recollections/bigraphical details about him?

PROBLEM 4: Thee was a firm called Walt&Gorfinkel in
Cape Town, South Africa. Does anyone know who was the
Walt in this name and also can anyone tell me anything
about the activities of this firm?

PROBLEM 5: Another harware store in Claremont: M. GENN
& Co. Was this owned by Meyer GENN who was married to
Lifsha WALT?

Any help on any of the above will be gratefully
received by me, Adam Yamey, London, UK<>

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