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Haim pogrund

I can offer the following information:

As a youngster In the Habonim movement in the forties and
fifties, I had a very good friend, Norman Walt, who was at Oranje
for a number of years and was educated at Cape Town High School. I
think he went on to become an accountant,but I am not 100% sure. I
have not seen him since those days.
Sydney Walt, a large, rotund individual with thick lensed
spectacles was involved in Zionist and Jewish activities in the Cape
for some years, was I think related to the Walt of Walt and
Gorfinkel, a well known wholesale grocery concern in Cape Town.
"Sonny" Walt was a general practitioner in the Woodstock area of
the Cape for many years with a practice on the Main Road.I think his
first name was Isidore J.
Alec Walt as you say, became head of Surgery at Wayne State
University, Detroit after a stint at Groote Schuur Hospital in the
fifties and sixties.
I enclose an extract >from my autobiography which describes an amusing
episode during my internship in 1957 at G.S.H:

du Plessis an expert on salivary gland pathology, admitted a
middle aged woman for excision of a mixed parotid tumour. I was the
intern involved, and happened to pick up an early cancer of the
breast in this lady. I told Sannie about this, and arrangements were
made to do a radical mastectomy after a frozen section examination
that night at nine, as an emergency. 'duP'., Alec Walt, and myself
were doing the case while Efron was coping with a stab wound in a
skolly's heart in the next theatre. Suddenly, there was a scream for
help >from next door as Efron opened the pericardium and blood spurted
in all directions. This heralded the end of his coping!
'duP'. peeling off his gloves laconically, went next door to
where Efron, sweating profusely, had his finger in the hole like the
proverbial little Dutch boy, with a cursory, "Well, carry on boys,"
to us. Walt, a recently returned UCT graduate, who had been at the
Mayo Clinic doing mostly theoretical post graduate work for some
years, turned pale, looked at me, the house surgeon, in all
earnestness, and said, "What do we do next?!!" As a technically
"green" house surgeon my response was a stare and a shrug. We
carried on "piatzkering" until 'duP.'s return to complete the job a
short while later.

I hope this helps somewhat,

Haim Pogrund

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