Re: NANKIN - Lithuania to South Africa #southafrica

Haim pogrund

Dear Ann and All,
There is a rather large branch of the Nankins who spell their name
NAINKIN. A number came >from the Riversdale area in the Cape. One of
them was a tennis player of International standard--David Nainkin, while
another was an orthopaedic spinal surgeon Leonard Nainkin practising in
Johannesburg. It is probable that the families are the same, the
difference being the whim of an immigrant official's spelling at the
port of entry.


Haim Pogrund
On Thursday, September 26, 2002, at 03:55 am, Ann Rabinowitz wrote:

One of the most helpful resources that has not been mentioned is the SA
National Archives. When doing a search on specific names you are
in, you would find:

NAKIN, 12 entries
NANKIN, 175 entries
RATHOUSE, 28 entries
RIGHTHOUSE, 55 entries
ROTHAUS, 8 entries

Ann Rabinowitz

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