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I am researching the REST family. I was always told that they came >from
Latvia, however, the only place I find this surname on the Jewishgen links is
in Lithuania--specifically >from a Kaunas, and the shtetl Plunge. This seems
to be an area relatively close to the Latvian border and so this might be my
family. I understand that there were many Jews >from this area that did come
to South Africa. It is a branch of the RESTs that I only recently found out
about--all the RESTs that I know of came to Chicago but apparently there were
other siblings that went to South Africa. I did find mention of a REST
family on the Poor Jews Shelter list >from England. Some went to SA and
others the the US.

It is a difficult name to search for--I seem to come up with "the REST
of..." in various different forms. Any suggestions?

Also, I just spent some time on the SA NA website and had a difficult time
searching for surnames there.

I'm hoping that someone on this list can give me a few tips. Thanks very
much in advance. I hope that this is the start of some new connections.

Elaine Bush
Pleasant Hill, CA


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