Re: NANKIN - Lithuania to South Africa #southafrica

Ann Rabinowitz <annrab@...>

In regard to Haim Pogrund's mention of NAINKIN as another variation of
NANKIN, there are 28 entries in the National Archives for the name NAINKIN.
However, there are none which link it to the other variations that I
mentioned in my prior posting:

It is quite posssible that NAINKIN and NANKIN are related depending on
whether one could find a common ancestor or town or origin for both

In order to determine this, one way you can take this search a step further,
is to look in the All Lithuania Database under NANKIN. Several of the
entries are spelled NAYNKIN and others are spelled NANKIN. Both are from
Birziai, Lithuania, and prior to that other nearby shtetls.

This seems to point to a direct connection between NANKIN and NAINKIN
(NAYNKIN) families.

Ann Rabinowitz

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