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Ann Rabinowitz <annrab@...>

I am in the process of sorting through some materials >from the Kupishok
Benevolent Society of Cape Town which are mainly in Yiddish, but some of
which is in English. As I find things that may be of interest or pertain to
SA families, I will post them.

Today, I have a letter written on October 14, 1948 by:

E. (or B.) Sack
S. & S. Trading Co.
General Wholesale Merchants
1 & 2 Standard Bank Chambers
123 President Street
Johannesburg, SA

The letter was written to H.W. Sacher, 467 Albert Road, Salt River, Cape
Town, SA. It was an inquiry regarding an Abraham LEVIN in Vilna, a
Holocaust survivor, who was a relative of Mr. Sack. Mr. Sack was also a
cousin of Mrs. Ray Zieper of Cape Town who was a relative of Mr. Sacher

Evidently, Mr. Sacher (Sachar) had placed an advert in the Jewish Afrikaner

Press about Mr. Levin.

Ann Rabinowitz

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