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Eli Rabinowitz

I missed Ann Rabinowitz's original email about SA Jews and Musicians -
please fill me in on what you are looking for.

I returned >from Sth Africa 3 weeks ago - my dad, Harry Rabinowitz, had
passed away on 15th October, aged 88.

I have many articles and programs about him >from the 30s onwards.

Here are some notes on my dad:

Cantor Harry Rabinowitz - Zvi Hersh ben Nachum Mendel

Coming >from a long line of musicians and chazanim, Harry was born in
1914 in Volksrust, Transvaal.
Apart >from his fine barotone voice, Harry was an accomplished pianist
and musician.
Based in Cape Town, Harry took leading parts in opera, radio and stage
During the 2nd World War, he was in great demand for troop shows.
Moving to Johannesburg in 1957, Harry made his mark as a chazan first at
the Oxford and then the Waverley shuls.

Highlights included:
singing before 15000 at Wembley Stadium (Jo'burg) in 1957 to honour the
visit of Gen. Moshe Dayan to South Africa.
producing a LP of yiddish melodies with Solly Aronowsky in 1959 - the
only South African chazan to appear on His Masters Voice - Red Label.

My dad's sister, the late Rachel Rabinowitz, was also a well known
concert pianist.

There was another Harry Rabinowitz >from Sth Africa who moved to London
in the 40s and became a famous conductor with the BBC orchestra.

I also have a photocopy of an article - Music and Musicians of
Doornfontein by Essie Aremband - very informative


Eli Rabinowitz

Perth, Australia

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