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Deana K Snow <nahm@...>

I really don't have any great proof of either line coming out of
Danzig. The MORRIS/MORITZinformation about being >from Danzig was in
a book titled: "History of Galveston, Texas" by S. C. Griffin. On
page 358, it reads: "His father came to America at the age of 19,
from Danzig, Germany, and enlisted in the American Army in the War
of the Revolution."

The book was written in 1931. Please keep in mind that "his father" would
have to been born much earlier to have been in the Revolution War because
if George was born in 1834 add 19 years and you get about 1853 and this
would not be the War of the Revolution but the Civil War?? So S. C.
Griffin could have the wrong generation or the wrong war. Hopefully not
the wrong country.

On the Hyams side it was a notation in "The Jews of Ireland" by Louis
Hyman saying "the family legend that Moses (Hyams) was a soldier in the
Polish army and fled to Ireland after banishment for his revolutionary
activity in defence of Polish freedom is romantic fiction." Family
papers suggest that Moses was a soldier in Poland. But the Danzig part I
would have to spend some time going though papers finding where it was
noted. Not being able to really look at read documents makes this ideal
hard to have any proof. But maybe a better look into Dublin I could have
a better chance in knowing where they were from.
Deana Snow

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