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mike getz <mgetz@...>

I have received a few paypal membership payments in the last week >from =
the EU and UK without difficulty.It facilitates the use of credit cards =
and overcomes constraints in the US banking which insist on checks =
drawn on US banks..

The following is the situation regarding currencies that may be =

Paypal currently operates in the following currencies:
a.. Anguilla=20
b.. Argentina=20
c.. Australia=20
d.. Austria=20
e.. Belgium=20
f.. Brazil=20
g.. Canada=20
h.. Chile=20
i.. China=20
j.. Costa Rica=20
k.. Denmark=20
l.. Dominican Republic=20
m.. Finland=20
a.. France=20
b.. Germany=20
c.. Greece=20
d.. Hong Kong=20
e.. Iceland=20
f.. India=20
g.. Ireland=20
h.. Israel=20
i.. Italy=20
j.. Jamaica=20
k.. Japan=20
l.. Luxembourg=20
m.. Mexico=20
a.. Netherlands=20
b.. New Zealand=20
c.. Norway=20
d.. Portugal=20
e.. Singapore=20
f.. South Korea=20
g.. Spain=20
h.. Sweden=20
i.. Switzerland=20
j.. Taiwan=20
k.. United Kingdom

+Users in these countries are limited to sending money with their =
PayPal accounts. They may not receive payments.

PayPal accepts withdrawals to local bank accounts in these countries. =
Users in any country may withdraw funds to a U.S. bank account.

Please let me know if members experience any difficulties in using =

Mike Getz

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