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Donna Dinberg <blacknus@...>

Posted on behalf of Library and Archives Canada.

Library and Archives Canada is pleased to announce the completion of
the database of the Likacheff-Ragosine-Mathers (LI-RA-MA) collection.
Created between 1898 and 1922 by the consular offices of the Tsarist
Russian Empire in Canada, the approximately 11,400 files pertain to
Jewish, Ukrainian and Finnish immigrants who came to Canada >from many
locations within the Russian Empire. The files include passport
applications, identity papers and questionnaires containing general
information. Since the initial release of the database in October
2006, 35,000 digitized images have been added, bringing the total
number of images to 55,000.

The LI-RA-MA collection is located at:

Click the "Search" link on the left to search the database.

The LI-RA-MA database is one of several launched recently as part of
LAC's "Moving Here, Staying Here" project. You are invited to visit
the site at:

The contributions of many LAC staff were instrumental in the success of
this project, and their efforts are much appreciated. For more
information, please contact the Project Manager, Ang=E8le Alain, at

Posted on behalf of Library and Archives Canada by:

Donna Dinberg
Librarian, JGS of Ottawa
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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