Research Help in South Africa #southafrica

A. E. Jordan

I am hoping that someone in South Africa might be able to help me with some
local research. I can exchange some research in New York and New Jersey in
the USA.

I have some sketchy information about my family in South Africa. I will
give a little here to give a sense of what I am trying to locate and the
dates and locations. If you can help I can fill in more specifics for you.

Sam Blumberg (born ? – died/buried in De Aar June 17, 1920) was married
to Clara Hirschberg (1886-1968) and they had three children Joseph
(1911-1935 – buried in De Aar), Ruth (1918-), and Ester (1920-2000).
There may have been a fourth child named Zelda.

What I need to know is who were Sam Blumberg’s parents (the book the
Unbroken Chain says Charles and Minnie but Charles does not match the line
I have and clearly is not a Hebrew name). I assume he was born in Courland
(Latvia), but I could be wrong there. Maybe his death records or his
marriage would show his parents’ names, age, and place of birth? Seems
likely the family and marriage may have pre-dated De Aar but I am not sure
if they were in Cape Town or Johannesburg before.

I also need information on a Shmerel Blumberg. >from what I am told he was
not Sam Blumberg’s parents. Shmerel might be Sam’s uncle. Shmerel
was born in Courland (Latvia) possibly around 1848 and might have come as
early as 1870 to Cape Town. Some of the family also went on to Carnarvon
for a period before coming back to Cape Town before 1920. I would love to
get information on Shmerel like his age, death, parents, etc.

Hoping someone might be able to do the appropriate look ups and see if they
can fill in the information on the family. I think I have done what I can
long distance >from the USA and need someone local to do actual lookups.

I have access to the New York City records, National Archives in New York
City and New Jersey State Archives that I am willing to trade for the South
Africa research.

I look forward to hearing >from someone willing to do this research with me.

Allan Jordan

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