Rhodesia / Botswana Jewish family #southafrica

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Hi folks
Does anyone here have any info on these people?

Harry William DIAMOND (named after his father) went to Rhodesia as a young
man, later travelled to Botswana and married and had 3 children.
Children went to school in Rhodesia and returned to Botswana for school
His father lived in England, and when he returned to visit his ill father,
he never returned >from that trip as he himself died in England.
Two of the children were left at school in Rhodesia and no one came to get
them, so they were then raised by the Dominican Nuns at St John's School.
In 1983, the children made contact with a niece through the Red Cross.
The family where English and Jewish.
Harry's brother was Victor DIAMOND and his sister was Victoria DIAMOND (she
married ROSENFELS).

Harry's daughter married Edward David MOSTERT (born 1908; died May 1975 in
Harare; his sister Sarah married BRASSINGTON).

Anne Lehmkuhl
Ottawa, Canada

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