Re: General Information #southafrica

Beryl.b <balden@...>

I will be at the Jerusalem2004 Conference this
week and will therefore be off-line.

For persons who have been writing to me requesting
details of Research in S.A. please turn to our SA SIG
website i.e. .

All information is to be found on the Site Map
section which is on the top right hand corner of our
Home Page.

Further than that, names of all members of the
Board are listed on the Home Page.
Help with research in S.A. can be received >from any one of our members whose
e-mail addresses are also listed.

Feedback on the Conference will be given in the
Newsletter following the Conference.

Looking forward to reporting to you on Jerusalem 2004
Conference which has a very interesting program!

For those of you going on trips to Lithuania, especially
to the Kupiskis Memorial Ceremony, enjoy!
Hoping feedback will be received >from these members
as well!

Until we meet again...

Beryl Baleson

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