Kupishok: For Eternal Memory - DVD Available #southafrica

Ann Rabinowitz <annrab@...>

This is a one-time posting regarding the availability of a new DVD entitled
"Kupishok: For Eternal Memory" which is available through the Brandeis
University National Center for Jewish Film:


The film which runs 60 minutes and costs $18 plus shipping and handling,
recreates the July 13, 2005 dedication of the Kupiskis Wall of Memory
Holocaust Memorial in Kupiskis, Lithuania. The Wall, located in what was
the former main synagogue of Kupiskis and now public library, is the first
memorial in Lithuania to list those killed and their ages.

The participants in the film, who ranged >from age 8 to 87 and who came from
America, Australia, the United Kingdom, Israel, Lithuania, and South Africa,
shared a special and binding heritage in this small shtetl whose Jewish
population was destroyed in the summer of 1941.

The destruction of the community was truly made personal as those who
participated in the ceremonies, both Jewish and Lithuanian, saw the vast
array of over 824 names before them, just regular people, men, women and
children, of all ages, an entire group of people, gone forever. One had
only to go outside the former synagogue where the Wall was located and look
in the central square to see the stores and homes where this community once
was based, or go to Synagogue Street and see where many lived, to know what
a loss had occurred.

Hearing huge numbers in the millions of those killed in the Holocaust numbs
one as one participant stated, but actually seeing those numbers made real
with names and ages is horrifying, especially when they are your family,
friends and neighbors.

For those of you who have connections to Kupiskis and wish to learn more
about the trip there and the shtetl, please go to the Kupiskis ShtetLink


I hope you will take advantage of the availability of this film which is
dedicated to Norman Meyer, the trip's leader, who passed away shortly after
the completion of the trip.

Ann Rabinowitz

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