LISCHAUER / LEWIS #southafrica

Avi Lishower <lishower@...>

Dear friend
recently i get a update that one family member >from my Lischauer family
arrived to south Africa
in about 1890-1905 >from Libau Latvia he was the son of Itiig Yossel
Lischauer in the same time
2 sibling arrive to the U.S.A yankel-moses Lischauer and Lina Miller nee
Lischauer was married to David Miler
and one brother emigrated to Canada the sibling came to the U.S.A change
their surname to LEWIS and possible also the brother
who came to S.A do the same
if somebody know Jewish people with the surname mention above in S.A THE
S.A please let me know

best regard

Avi Lishower

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