Re: Naturalization #general

Ann Rabinowitz <annrab@...>

In response to Milton Botwinick's inquiry about how to obtain SA
naturalizations, I suggest the following:

1. Determine when your ancestor might have come to SA and the possible
period then when naturalization might have occurred.

2. If the time period was during 1903-1907, the SA SIG web site has a
database I prepared for some 999 naturalizations in the Cape Colony, .

It also can be found in the SA Jewish Rootsbank database, .

3. You can look up your ancestor in the SA National Archives daabase and
see if their naturalization record or even their immigration papers are
contained there,

4. You can go to the SA SIG web site,,
and look up how to order naturalizations, and also go to the JewishGen
InfoFile on South Africa prepared by Dr. Saul Issroff at or which will provide the
address of the Archives.

5. You can also lookup applications for naturalizations for the Cape Colony
to be found in the Mormon Family History Center's South African microfilms,
also discussed by Roy Ogus for the period 1883-1911on the SA SIG web site, Other materials
relating to naturalization are also to be found there.

Ann Rabinowitz

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