Jewish Life in SA Country Communities Vol 2 #southafrica

Saul Issroff <saul@...>

I received Vol. 2 of the series the other day and can hardly put it down
(although it weighs in at around 5 lbs). As previously stated this covers:
Boland, Bushmanland, Central Karoo, Fairest Cape, Griqualand West, Kalahari,
Koup, Namaqualand, Swartland, West Coast.

There is a wealth of historical detail, not only about the Jews, their
settlement and progress but also about the communities they lived in and
some of the connections. There are many good maps and pictures. I estimate
there are at least 1600 families and probably about 8-10,000 names listed.
There are 528 pages, index alone around 50 pages. Design wise its very good
and visually easy to read.

My congratulations and compliments to the editorial committee group who
wrote the text : Adrienne Kollenberg, Rose Norwich, Joan Gentin, Phyllis
Jowell and David Saks.
Also to the photo. collection group: Joy Kropman, Yvonne Jawitz, Phyllis
Jowell, Lara Bronstein. And of course to the researchers and designers.

This is a must (despite the cost - aggravated by SA mailing costs) for
anyone seriously interested in SA Jewry.

For me it has also highlighted, again, the problem of no equivalent project
for the 'urban' Jews of the cities of South Africa.

Saul Issroff

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