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Mike Getz <MikeGetz005@...>

I want to support Saul's standpoint that urban Jewry in South Africa has not
been methodically addressed, although the Durban project is to be praised.

We are dealing with an issue that involved the majority of S African Jewry,
its institutions,and families.
I suggest we begin with those of >from urban and suburban communities to at
least record details, of family, neighbours, friends in their neighbourhood.
Perhaps all subscribers/recipients of the SA SIG newsletter should lead the

A modest example appeared in our first newsletter on Woodstock by yours

I cannot think of anything more worthwhile in our current priorities.

Mike Getz

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Dear Genners

I respect what has been said by Saul about the book "Jewish Life in SA
Country Communities Vol 2" and am sure that it will be a must for anyone
tracing the families of those who lived in the area covered by the book.

However, I will disagree with Saul's last statement ..... "For me it has
also highlighted, again, the problem of no equivalent project
for the 'urban' Jews of the cities of South Africa."

There is a team of writers and compilers working feverishly in Durban to
finalise a major work which will be published on the Durban Jewish
community. This obviously takes into account the previous two works in
the past, and traces the history of families, personalities, those in
professions, art, drama, music and sport almost to the present day.
Hopefully this work will be completed within the next year. I will keep
you posted on progress.

Stan Hart

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