research REDSTONE/ISAACS Family - #southafrica

ashleyd80 <ashleyd80@...>

Hi, I was wondering if anyone could help my research - I am researching
among other names the SACKS family. In my research I ascertained that one
of twin sisters ,with the surname of Redstone(the family was >from England
but the twins married and immigrated to South Africa in the early 1900's)
married Bernard ISAACS - they had a daughter Freda ISAACS who would marry
Ephraim SACKS[his parents traveled >from Lithuania to Oudtshoorn) they would
have three children - including Eric and Ralph who would immigrate to
Chicago , USA.

I believe the Redstone family settled in Port Elizabeth - I was wondering if
anyone could shed a little more light on the Redstone Family

Any help would be most appreciated

Ashley Dworsky

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