Bullawayo in Rhodesia , Johannisberg, Congo Belgic- 1900 -1920 // STEINBERG #southafrica


The steinberg family emigrated to ERETS YSRAEL in the second half of the
19 century. They came >from Suchowola - Poland (Russia).
In 1900 (or about), the men - in order to earn money (after they lost
all the money in Palestine-Israel) - left the families in Jerusalem and
Moza (a new agricultural settlement near Jerusalem), and moved to South
The names are Michel (Yechiel-Michael), Shlomo, Yerachmiel -
Shteinberg / Steinberg.
In the Boer War they were in Transvaal - running a bakery for the Boers.
They were very modest and did not touch the left flour of the Boers (the
loosers). The British were impressed >from their behavior and asked them
to continue to run the bakery and to supply them bread.
Yerachmiel was very religious man and worked hard all the week in order
to be free in Shabbat. He was very popular among the Jews in all the
communities he lived - and became a religious leader.
Shlomo left S.A. back to ERETS YSRAEL in 1902.

After the Boer War Michel went to Johannisberg and owned carpentry.
Yerahmiel went to Bullawayo in Rhodesia where he had heard that he could
run a bakery and keep shabbat. He got Avraham Sheri to work the bakery
and he - Yerahmiel - returned to settle in Motza .(1902/1903)

The brothers had a sister who visited them when she was 18-19 years old;
Tsilla went down to South Africa in 1902, after her brother Shlomo died.
She was a very attractive woman and wore a wonderful ostrich feather in
her hat. She even visited in the Victoria Falls.

In the time of WWR I Michel and Yerachmiel were forced to leave
Palestine [Because they had British passports (>from their staying in
S.A.) and the Turkishes suspected all the forginers].
As far as I know they moved to S.A. and to Congo Belgic. - I have no
more facts.

Zvi (son of Michel came to S.A. >from Jerusalem with his wife Lea
(daughter Of Shlomo). Sarah the Baby was born in Germistown, a town
where all the railroads junction. Zvi was a book-keeper (accountant).
Sarah was born in 1914, Shlomo in 1917. There was also another brother,
Izzy, who died.


I need any information about this family in the years 1900 - 1917.
Probably something was written in S.A. or Rhodesia or maybe someone
have more facts and stories.

Thank you very much

Alon Ginzberg
(Yerachmiel grand grandchild)

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