Hillel Rivlin - Cape Town #southafrica

Jules Feldman

The Rivlin that Beryl is referring to is probably Hillel Rivlin (1922,
Jerusalem - 1989 Los Angeles).
He taught Hebrew in Cape Town in the fifties.
In the late fifties he returned to Israel and later on moved on to Los
Angeles where he died, leaving a wife , son and daughter.
He was the son of Eliezer Rivlin who wrote the Rivlin Genealogy , "Sefer
HaYachas leMishpachat Rivlin" a book published in 1940.

If any Capetonians have memories to share of him , both I and his brother
Rubin Rivlin ( not the Speaker of the Knesset but a second cousin of his)
will be interested in receiving them.

Jules Feldman

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In Cape Town in the 1940's and early 1950's we
had a Mr. RIVLIN who was a teacher at our Cheder in
Hope Street, Cape Town. I have forgotten all details
of this person - I just remembered his name now.

Check this out with the Capetownians at Kibbutz
Yizreeal who probably went to the same Cheder that
I did at that time. If they do not remember, possibly
some other Capetownian reading this will remember
and let you know!

Beryl Baleson

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