Synagogue Records #southafrica

Beryl. B <balden@...>

Re: Synagogue Records in S.A.

On our very extensive Synagogue site i.e.

we have interesting information on Synagogues past and

However, who does one contact if one needs information >from a
specific Synagogue's Records, especially if that Synagogue no
longer exists?

The United Orthodox Synagogues to whom I have
written on a number of occasions do not reply to messages - I
presume due to the fact that they are short staffed.

Must one engage a Researcher to go to the Offices of
the United Orthodox Synagogues in the various towns, and will
these Researchers be allowed to go through records to find what
is required?

Of course this is taking into account that I do not live in South
Africa and am unable to attend to this personally.


Beryl Baleson

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