Re: CHAITOVICH family #southafrica

Ann Rabinowitz <annrab@...>

In regard to the CHAITOVICH family inquiry, you did not mention what
resources you had already used to locate information. Have you utilized,
for instance, the resources of JewishGEN such as the JGFF to locate others
researching your family name? Have you obtained any vital records for your
family? Stating these things in your inquiry helps those who may want to
assist you so that they don't duplicate your efforts.

I would suggest that you research your Manchester roots first so that you
can obtain the correct name for your family and their first names. You can
do several things towards this end:

1. Contact Lorna Kay of the Jewish Genealogy Society of Manchester.
2. Research the Manchester links on the Jewish Genealogy Society of Great
Britain web site.
3. Post an inquiry in the genealogy section of the Jewish newspaper in

After you have done that, if you haven't done it already, utilize the
following basic South African resources:

1. The SA SIG web site
2. The National Archives of South Africa.
3. The ROOTSWEB web site.

Good luck!!!

Ann Rabinowitz

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