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You are correct re Synagogues, which in South Africa
should have the Aron Kodesh facing North East.

However my question re Pinelands Cemetery is more
in line with "why are the Tombstones back to back"
which means that one row of Tombstones is not facing
the correct direction.

I have tried to put this question as simple as possible,
taking into account that Pinelands Cemetery in Cape
Town was first opened in the 1940's when most
Eastern European immigrants had been settled in
South African for quite some while and it was not
the first Jewish Cemetery opened in Cape Town but
is the only cemetery that has its Tombstones back
to back and not in one line!

The facing Jerusalem of the Aron Kodesh in
Synagogues is world wide - so each country has
a different direction, depending on which direction
Jerusalem lies >from a particular country. >from South Africa
Jerusalem is North East.

Beryl Baleson

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When the first Jews came to South Africa, to the best of my knowledge, the
belief was still to design houses of prayer to face towards Jerusalem, as
they had prayed in der heim, so their houses of prayer faced East or South,
as they would have in Europe. Only later did they take into account that
Jerusalem is North >from South Africa and shuls were built accordingly
thereafter. Maybe this has something to do with the way the graves faced?

Colin Plen

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