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Ann Rabinowitz <annrab@...>


In other postings on this subject on JewishGen, your basic assumption that
all tombstones all over the world face towards Jerusalem has been provden to
be erroneous.

I have been in cemeteries in quite a few places including America, South
Africa, Great Britain, Lithuania, etc., and they all have different setups
depending on the space given over to cemetery use, the terrain, etc.

Most are arranged higgledy pigledy as they are developed in sections,
although there are those which sometimes do face Jerusalem. The cemetery in
Rokiskis, Lithuania, for instance, is quite large and roams over hill and
dale with tombstones facing every which way.

Even in South Africa, cemeteries in places other than Cape Town do not
always follow the rule of facing towards Jerusalem that you espouse.

Another example is the cemetery where my parents are buried in South
Florida. A series of formal pathways are laid out throughout the cemetery
so you can drive through. On either side of the pathway, sometimes the
tombstones face each other and sometimes not and there is even a circular
ediface where there are burials. In my parents section, the tombstones face
south and not northeast towards Jerusalem.

There is even the wonderfully odd burial of colonial patriot Abram Simon in
America who was buried standing up with his rifle to "meet the devil face to

Ann Rabinowitz

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