Moshe (Morris) Bersin #southafrica

Mike Stern <mike@...>

Hi, Ann

I have had an incredible time with the new Latvian database, and perhaps
this is an opportunity to express my thanks to whoever contributed,
whether in time or funds, to the translation of the various lists.

The lists confirmed many theories we had about family connections of the
Bersins, and we immediately located two branches of the family we were
not aware of - one brother's family who stayed in Rezekne up to the
late 30's ( while the others lit out for South Africa), and then made
Aliyah, and another sister we suspect went to the States in 1906, and
of whom we are awaiting confirmation.

Based solely on computer work ( and collecting information >from the
family) we have managed to determine that my great-great- grandfather
was Idel Bersin who was born in Rezekne in 1815, and died there in 1896.
This gives us 8 generations for the Bersin family. I understand that
the next step will be to approach the State Archives in Latvia.

The Kopmans are slightly more elusive, but we will get round to them.

I had no idea what databases were available for South Africa, and many
participants in the SIG have kindly enlightened me. Yes, there are
records for Morris Bersin, who owned property in Plumstead and died
there in 1934, and records of his widow, Sonia, who left with her grown
sons and daughter for Rhodesia in the late '30s.

I have enough material to work on for the coming year - again, my thanks
to all who have helped me along the way.

Mike Stern
Petah Tikva, Israel

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