EHRLICH/LEVISEUR - Dentistry in the Orange River Colony. #southafrica

Adam Yamey <adamandlopa@...>

A distant relative of mine, Gustav GINSBERG
(1872-1922), who had qualified as a dentist in Germany
was attempting in 1907 to have his German
qualifications recognised by the British authorities
in the Orange River Colony (ORC). His brother Franz
GINSBERG, MLA wrote a letter on his behalf in which he
refers to,
"... a number of prominent men of the ORC can testify.
For instance Mr Ehrlich Mr Leviseur etc...".

To whom was Franz Ginsberg referring - ie which Mr
Are they the persons mentioned on the SA SIG
website: <>,
or possibly some other people with those names?

Were there any dentists around in the ORC at this time
with these names?

Thanks in advance,
Adam Yamey, London, UK <>

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