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Haim pogrund


Arthur Lourie was the Israel Ambassador to the Court of St James, and
to Canada at various times following the creation of the State. His
brother Norman, was the founder of Habonim SA at the beginning of the
thirties. I think these are the Louries to whom you are referring .


Haim P.

On 16 Feb 2006, at 04:24 pm, GRAHAM LEWIS wrote:

Hi everyone

Can anyone please tell me if there was at some time a
South African ambassador or diplomat to Israel with
the surname LOURIE or LURIE or LAURIER or some other
variation of this surname?

There's a story in our family that such person was
related to us. One branch of my father's family
(originating in Shavl and/ or Gordz in Lithuania) went
to South Africa in about 1895. One brother (Abraham
LAURIER) went to Paris, another brother (Isaac LEWIS)
went to England, and a third brother (name unknown)
went to S Africa.

Thank you in anticipation.

Kind regards

Graham Lewis
London, England

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