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Colin Plen

Leonard Gafanovitz changed his name to Leib Gefen when he made aliyah about
30 years ago. I am sure that Telfed can give you his address.

Colin Plen

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Someone gave me a family tree for the GAFANOVICH family who became GEFEN
South Africa. Josel ben Nokhim-David GAFANOVICH came to SA and settled
Wellington/Paarl. His wife was Sora-Feiga KLING.

I am actually interested in locating the family of Sora-Feiga's uncle
Iosel-David Kling and his children Borukh-Shmuel Kling and Movsha-Girsha
Kling. The third brother Leiser Kling went to Israel.

The families came to SA >from Kupiskis, Vabalninkas and Panevezys.

Ann Rabinowitz

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