Van Mentz Family #southafrica

Eric and Paula Benjaminson <oregon81@...>

Hello all,

In addition to my research on the Benjaminson and Nurick families of South
Africa (my relatives), I am also starting some research on a Jewish officer
in the UK Royal Air Force who was named Brian Van Mentz. He was killed in
1941 after having participated in the Battle of Britain.

Brian was born in Johannesburg in 1916, and was educated in Britain. His
parents were Sidney and Rosine Van Mentz, and some of the family may have
changed their surname to Mence. His uncle was Samuel Mence, for example.

Does anyone in the group have any knowledge of the Van Mentz/Mence Family of
South Africa? If so, I would be grateful to learn of them so that I could
tray and establish contact with any living relatives of Brian.

Thanks as always for your help,

Eric Benjaminson
Windhoek, NAMIBIA


Benjaminsons -- Port Elizabeth and Cape Town
Nuricks -- Graff Reinet and Upington

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