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Colin Plen

He is building a complete reference system which takes into account the
Chevra Kaddisha information and whatever historical ing=formation is already
available. BUT the information is not chronologically listed or indexed which he
is doing.
Colin Plen
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Dear Colin,

I am not sure what you mean you you say "cataloguing all the graves in
Pinelands". If you are saying that Boris goes to the Pinelands cemeteries
and makes a list of the grave stones, then I think that he will not create
a full list, because there are many graves without grave stones. I think
that a more effective list may be gleaned >from the local authority's
office in Whale Street.

The fact that Boris has been commissioned to do this task begs a further
question, namely, how were the lists of Pinelands 1 and Pinelands 2 for
the S. A. Jewish website compiled?

And surely the Chevra Kadisha must have some record system? Surely they
can't bury someone without a Death Certificate? Where do they keep all the
Death Certificates?

Louis Zetler
Hoshaya Israel

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