Re: Cemeteries #hungary

Ann Rabinowitz <annrab@...>

The Woltemade, Gate 8, Cemetery is a fascinating place in my estimation as
it contains the history of the community. One can see how things changed
over the years as some of the earliest stones are all in Hebrew and the
later ones begin to have English on them. There are wonderful flowery
pieces on tombstones as well as whimsical ones.

Searching through the cemetery can be arduous as the original grave numbers
found in the death records are many times different that the grave numbers
in the cemetery book kept on the property. Also, identifying markers have
many times been removed >from the rows making it hard to know where to look.

In addition, the property abounds with holes and soft ground where one can
take a good tumble as I did right onto my great grandmother's grave. Many
of the tombstones are so close together that it makes it difficult to read

However, the trip to the cemetery is well worth it if you have the time to

Ann Rabinowitz

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