BARUK, 1820 Settler ?? #southafrica

Saul Issroff <saul@...>

Does anyone know if this family actually went to the Cape and if (because of the
Biblical given names and surname that is similar to Baruch) ,was Jewish?


In August 1819 Daniel BARUK, Physician & Accoucheur, Aged 37 years with
his wife, Mary BARUK Aged 36 and children applied to lead a party of
1820 Settlers to the Cape Colony. (ref: CO48/41 at the National Archives
Kew, London)
children :

Samuel BARUK 17
Fanny BARUK 16
Lewis BARUK 15
Raphael BARUK,Apothecary,19
residing at 21 Mansell Street, Goodmans Fields

A further extract " On August 30 1819 Mr. Astley COOPER has the honour
of informing Lord BATHURST that Dr. BARUK is anxious to proceed to the
Cape of Good Hope as a settler. He has four children with very limited
means of supporting them and he is therefore very anxious to place them
in a situation in which they may have a prospect of providing for
themselves. Dr. BARUK as been known to Mr. A. COOPER for many years and
he has a high opinion of his professional talents"

Dr Baruk wrote "as I have long practised with success as Physician and
Accoucheur, being a graduate of the University of Aberdeen, and a member
of the College of Surgeons in London, this remark will not I trust be
thought too presuming."

He was fluent in Dutch and German. In the light of a surname that seems
close to Baruch, and biblical names of his family, was he Jewish and did
he eventually get permission to go to the Cape under the assisted
passage scheme?

Saul Issroff

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