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Ann Rabinowitz <annrab@...>

There is a fascinating web site called the British 1820 Settlers to South
Africa Genealogy Web Site which can be reached at:

As you will see, there are numerous documents relating to Settler Letters
and, amongst them, a series relating to Dr. Daniel Baruk.

There is also a listing for an actual settler, a Ralph Baruk, who was an
apothecary, born 1794, and who was part of the Parker party, sailing on the
ship East Indian. The Parker party settled in Drog Valley in the
Clanwilliam district and some moved to Albany.

As you can see >from the Daniel Baruk's letters, his eldest son was Raphael
or Ralph Baruk, an apothecary, age 19, in 1819.

No further mention on the site of the Daniel Baruk family as a whole as
being actual settlers, i.e., Danie Baruk, age 37, Mary Baruk, wife, age 36,
Samuel Baruk, age 17, Fanny Baruk, age 16, and Lewis Baruk, age 15.

I did find a Daniel Baruk who is listed in the quarterly death registrations
for 1863 in Whitechapel. There is also a Selina Baruk who died in 1862 in
Whitechapel as well. I would assume if the death record could be obtained,
it would confirm whether this was the same Daniel Baruk or not.

In addition, there appears to be a birth of a Wolf Baruk in 1892 in St.
George in the East, London, Surrey. This actual record too could provide
information on the Baruk family and what happened to them.

Further research shows a Baruk family who went to California, one to New
York and one to Ontario. Possibly, these are not related, but the records
show that the families originally came >from England.

Funnily, the Baruk family does not appear in the available British Census
years beginning with 1841, although the vital records prove there were Baruk
individuals living in London.

Ann Rabinowitz

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