Hersman Cape Town #southafrica

Haim pogrund

There was a Doris Hersman, a Dermatologist at GSH many years ago. A
family member as well as a professional connection???
Haim P

On Jul 18, 2006, at 01:05, Saul Issroff wrote:

Looking at the Jewish Colonial Trust shareholders at
http://www.jct.co.il/english.html I came across two of my great
uncles :
Samuel B. Hersman Cape Town 25678
Moses Hersman Cape Town 25677
Max Hersman Cape Town 25676

J.C.T - Jewish Colonial Trust Ltd.

Samuel B is Barney, Max in known but the problem I have is that I
have never come across MOSES HERSMAN before, and none of the family
know of him. He does not feature on any SA Jewry databases nor in the
SA National Archives database.

The name in Linkuva, Lithuania was Girs=Hersch=Hersman.

Any ideas?

Saul Issroff

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